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    PSB Speakers - kanadiečių kompanija, kurianti ir gaminanti garso kolonėles nuo 1972 metų.

    Šiandien PSB yra gerai žinoma kompanija gaminanti produktus, kurie tenkina aukštus muzikos ir namų kino mėgėjų lūkesčius.

    PSB Image B6 Bookshelf
    Kodas: B6
    Mato vnt.:

    The Image B6 Bookshelf Speakers reflects flagship characteristics from the rest of the Image family but has been constructed into a compact versatile design. With a 6.5-inch woofer plus the one-inch tweeter design, the B6 Bookshelf is ideal for multi-channel, 2.1 subwoofer/satellite systems, or main-channel use in confined or smaller rooms. Exquisitely soft lines and small compact construction complement the B6's ability to reproduce quality sound and embrace the listener with a vast soundscape. Real listeners will be without a doubt impressed with the B6 Bookshelf's gift of filling your small spaces with real high performance, high quality sound.

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