• MC Quintet Black S
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    The Quintet Black S is the best example of Quintet’s overall excellence

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    MC-1 Turbo
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    Features and applications

    The MC-1 Turbo is an excellent entry into the world of high output Moving Coil (MC) cartridges, with an elliptical stylus profile.

    The MC-1 Turbo has a 3.3mV output, which makes it perfect for use with inbuilt phono preamps – specifically ones designed for Moving Magnet (MM) cartridges.

    The MC-1 Turbo provides a taste of the linearity and precision of moving coils, but without the need for additional high gain preamps or transformers.

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    MC-3 Turbo
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    The MC-3 Turbo takes high output Moving Coil cartridges a step further, with a high polished, nude fine line diamond.

    The MC-3 Turbo has a 3.3mV output, which is perfect for use with virtually any Moving Magnet (MM) phono preamps, included inbuilt models.

    The Nude Fine Line diamond resolves a high level of detail and provides expansive stereo imaging.

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