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    J322 High-End Stereo Single- Ended Pure Class A,Power Amplifier 2x20W 4@8 Ohm , JJ323 Dual Monobloc Parallel Triode 300B, (2A3)

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    Pair of monoblocks (with optional selection of three inputs), in one chassis, with triodes 300B (JJ322) or 2A3 (JJ323) in the power stage.

    The “retro” design of the JJ322, JJ239 and JJ243 comes from the era when triodes 300B and 2A3 were introduced. Maple wood in cherry, black or natural stain, combined with a stainless steel top plate plated with pure gold or white brass, creates a distinguished look for this piece of equipment.

    The only common elements for both JJ322 channels are the ALPS Blue volume control, the power outlet with power switch and a star ground point. The JJ322 belongs to the JJ Electronic High-End product line. The circuit design follows exclusively the goal of the highest sound quality. The electronic components are selected using extensive listening tests and the output transformers and electrolytic capacitors are developed in-house to assure maximum sound quality. Our efforts were rewarded at the 2000 CES Show in Las Vegas when the JJ322 received the Design & Engineering Showcase Award – as the first European audio product in the history of the show. At this biggest electronics show in the world, only one award is given in the audio category each year.