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    Platinum is our award-winning flagship range involving radical new materials, processes and designs for driver and cabinet construction. It introduces genuinely esoteric yet affordable performance and quality to the loudspeaker market.

    Platinum's innovatively shaped and braced cabinets are finished in a choice of lustrous black piano lacquer, exotic Santos Rosewood and Ebony natural wood veneers. The front baffles are upholstered in leather and loaded with custom-developed drive units including our now famous C-CAM® ribbon high frequency transducer.

    Our ambition for Platinum demanded an utterly purist mentality, the development of new materials and proprietary structures, exhaustive anechoic testing and plenty of good old-fashioned listening. The Platinum series represents the epitome of British craftsmanship and quality, and demonstrates Monitor Audio's devotion to music and film sound reproduction. 

    Kodas: PL500 II
    Mato vnt.:

    Measured against its peers, there is no finer audio ambassador than the majestic PL500 II. Here you’ll discover the essence of Platinum II engineering: silken layers of the finest high frequency definition suspended on an explicit midrange, seamlessly underpinned by a deep, clean and responsive bass foundation. More than ever the sound has a physical authority, conveying the ‘live’ character of instruments, voices and atmospheres as if they had materialised three-dimensionally in the air around you. This is fidelity in the raw, magnificent in stature, seductive for its rhythmic subtlety and utterly captivating in the sheer magnitude of its dynamic impact. Our most sophisticated system of no fewer than four 8” RDT®II bass drivers, twin 4” RDT II midrange transducers and MPD tweeter will render the entire harmonic sweep of every work with pin sharp timing and accuracy. Your music and film sound alive, immersive and uncompromised.

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    Kodas: PL300 II

    A further leap in dimension brings still greater rewards in the form of the outstanding PL300 II. Standing at over a metre in height and designed to move the air in larger listening environments, the PL300 II will energise your listening across an enormous sound stage, magically studded with an abundance of natural detail. Its four driver system involving twin 8” RDT®II drivers, 4” TLE loaded midrange and MPD tweeter, captures all the fluid tonal complexity and dynamic richness of each performance on a truly orchestral scale. Explore the depths and climb to the heights of your music and film favourites with an effortlessness that confirms an inescapable truth: the bigger the Platinum, the more precious the prize.

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    Kodas: PL200 II
    Mato vnt.:

    t’s unlikely you’ll discover a more persuasive speaker than the PL100 II in its price class, but compare the floor-standing PL200 II with its smaller sibling and immediately you’ll notice the effect of four drivers in a larger cabinet. Such is the quality of Platinum II’s engineering that the character of the sound remains powerfully consistent and expressive, but with the addition of a second 6.5” RDT®II driver, the PL200 II’s bass has more weight, while its dedicated 4” RDT II midrange driver brings further definition to vocals and strings. Through the PL200 II, subtle textures are more vividly described and every note rendered with greater authority. It’s a factor of scale. Platinum II’s class-leading accuracy is a given, you simply need to match it with the size of your room.

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    Kodas: PL100 II
    Mato vnt.:

    ll the wonder of Platinum II’s crystal clear tonal precision is concentrated by this beautiful little two-way speaker comprising a single 6.5” RDT®II mid-bass driver and MPD tweeter. Easy to place in-room the PL100 II will nevertheless belie its compact dimensions with a wide open soundstage punctuated by breath-taking dynamics and imaging so stable you can almost touch it. A bespoke floor stand (available separately) will position the PL100 II at the perfect listening height.

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