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    Kodas: AT-ART7
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    AT-ART7 non magnetic core Premium Moving Coil cartridge

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    Non magnetic core MC type developed based on commemorative model AT50ANV
    Liquid crystal polymer armature
    Newly designed magnetic circuit that maximises magnetic energy
    Special line contact stylus and solid boron cantilever
    Machined aluminium base
    Hybrid body that reduces unnecessary parasitic resonance

    Type Non Magnetic Core Moving Coil
    Mounting 1/2” centers
    Frequency Response 15 - 50,000Hz
    Body Material Aluminium
    Channel Separation 30dB (1kHz)
    Output Channel Balance 0.5dB (1kHz)
    Output Voltage 0.12mV (1kHz and 5cm/sec.)
    Vertical Tracking Angle 23°
    Vertical Tracking Force Range 1.6 - 2.0g (1.8g standard)
    Stylus Shape Special Line Contact Stylus
    Stylus Curvature Radius 40 x 7 µH
    Stylus Construction Nude square shank
    Cantilever 0.26 mm Ø solid boron
    Coil Impedance 12Ω (1kHz)
    Coil Inductance 8 µH (1 kHz)
    DC Resistance 12Ω
    Static Compliance 35×10-6cm/dyne
    Dynamic Compliance 10×10-6cm/dyne (100Hz)
    Terminal Pins Brass
    Recommended Load Impedance Min 100Ω
    Weight 8.5g
    Dimensions 17.3 (H) x 17.0 (W) x 25.6 (L) mm
    Replacement Stylus When the stylus is to be replaced, replace the entire cartridge. Take the used cartridge to your Audio-Technica Authorised Service Centre. The new cartridge, or any other model which is desired among the line-up of MC cartridges sold by Audio-Technica, are available at the stylus replacement price.
    Accessories Included 1 non magnetic screw driver; 1 brush; 2 washers; 2 x 12 mm mounting screws; 2 Nuts; 2 x 18 mm mounting screws; 1 plastic protector; 1 set of PCOCC Lead Wires (AT6106)