NAIM CD grotuvai ir transportai

    Kodas: CDXS
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    1 vnt.

    Stiff, extruded aluminium casework provides excellent resistance to external vibration
    High performance drawer and transport mechanism as with our premium CDX2 model, providing low resonance, low-inertia disc operation
    BNC digital output for connection to external DAC

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    Kodas: NAIM CDX2
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    Designed well, a product should have many years of useful life. The original Naim CDX debuted in 1999, and the revised CDX2 shares plenty of design DNA with its predecessor. Its radial arc disc tray is classic Naim. It’s different from the motorised assemblies used by other players, but better too, with superior isolation and resistance to resonance. In its latest incarnation, the CDX2 has incorporated some useful new enhancements, including a switchable digital output and extra low-noise clock regulation. After all, being able to do something well shouldn’t stop you from trying to do it better.

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    NAIM CD555
    Kodas: CD555
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    The CD555 is our reference CD player, the finest we have ever made. It’s a statement of our engineering excellence, a showcase for our core beliefs. 

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    NAIM CD5si
    Kodas: 5SI
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    The CD5si CD player, especially when partnered with the complementary NAIT 5si integrated amplifier, sets a thrilling new standard for musical performance at our entry level.

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