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    Kodas: AVRX1300W
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    Denon AVR-X1300W. 7x 145W Full 4K Ultra HD Network A/V Receiver with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

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    Kodas: AVRX2300W
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    Denon AVR-X2300W.  7x 150W Full 4K Ultra HD Network A/V Receiver with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Advanced Video Processing

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    Kodas: DRAF109
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    Stereo Receiver

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    Pro-Ject Phono Box DS2 USB
    Kodas: DS2USB
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     Suitable for MM and MC cartridges
    • Analogue RCA, USB and optical out on back
    • 3 Inputs (2 Phono, 1 Line)
    • Precise RIAA equalisation
    • Dual mono circuitry for optimized channel separation
    • Selectable input impedance on front
    • Selectable input capacitance on front
    • Digital output sampling frequency adjustable
    • Low noise circuitry
    • Gold-plated RCA in & outputs
    • Sandwich alu/metal casing protects from vibrations and electromagnetic interference
    • Colour options: silver and black, with optional wooden sidepanels (walnut, rosenut, eucalyptus)  

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    I-DECK 200 exdemo
    Kodas: I-DECK 200
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    As docks go, the i-deck 200 is set to stay as the premier compact sound system for music lovers. Concentrating all the fidelity of Monitor Audio's award-winning audio engineering within a supremely intuitive design, the i-deck 200 delivers the power to party and sublime convenience all-in-one. Endowed with the accurate wide-band sound of much larger traditional HiFi systems, yet with all the virtues of the dock system genre, the i-deck 200 establishes a new standard of performance for compact systems, breath taking in its scale and quality. Dual 100mm C-CAM® bass drivers individually powered by custom-configured 50W amplifiers and a brace of 25mm Gold dome tweeters, driven by precision-tailored 20W power amps will move the air like no other compact. You can rely on its innovative processing brain to generate the cleanest frequencies in any room from a purely digital iPod® source. If you're seeking the last word in musical expression from a dock design, the i-deck 200 will spell it out.

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    Kodas: CLRA
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