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    Monitor Audio GOLD STANDS
    Kodas: GST
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    The Gold series floor stands offer a dedicated alternative to shelf mounting your Gold 50 or 100 speakers, including spikes or rubber feet options to suit your home. Gold Stands also feature cable tidying rings running down the back of each stem. 

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    Monitor Audio GOLD CENTRE 150
    Kodas: SGC150
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    The ultra-compact Gold C150 centre speaker is small enough to fit into most AV racks and is designed to match the smaller Gold speakers in a more bijou home theatre configuration. However, because it shares tonal characteristics with all models, its capabilities are also compatible with any 'Gold' system design. The Gold C150's lustrous sealed cabinet is home to twin 5.5" drivers and the ribbon in a two way orientation, providing superior dispersion across a range from 50Hz to 60kHz. 

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    Monitor Audio GOLD CENTRE 350
    Kodas: SGC350
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    The Gold C350 centre speaker is a no-compromise centre channel solution for serious home theatre installations. Its three-way, four driver configuration mirrors that of the Gold 300, although the bass drivers are tuned to work in the Gold C350's sealed cabinet. Unsurprisingly the C350 is the perfect match for its floor-standing counterpart, producing frequencies from 40Hz to beyond 60 kHz. A neutral tonal balance and distortion-free sound give the C350 the ability to project crystal-clear dialogue and mid-range detail at any volume. 

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    IR DAC2
    Kodas: IRDAC2
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    Audiophile Digital to Analogue converter , inc 6 inputs including asynchronous USB and Bluetooth with aptX technology

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