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    Monitor Audio PLATINUM 200
    Kodas: SPL200
    Mato vnt.:

    Flagship 3-Way floorstander speaker with twin 2 x 6 1/2” long-throw RDT® bass drivers, 4” C-CAM® midrange driver and high frequency ribbon transducer. Finished with hand-upholstered leather baffles and luxurious piano gloss.

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    Monitor Audio GOLD 200
    Kodas: SG200
    Mato vnt.:

    Gold 200, the first of new Gold's floor-standers is also the most compact. Amazing scale and impressive dynamic control are available from this slender three-way design, comprising the improved pair matched ribbon, twin 5.5" bass drivers and a 4" mid-range driver, which is housed in a dedicated enclosure. With high overall efficiency, wide bandwidth and vanishingly low distortion, the Gold 200's Platinum DNA is ready to be experienced. 

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    MENTOR MENUET (exdemo)
    Kodas: MMEX
    Mato vnt.:

    Juodos spalvos,korpuse keletas kosmetiniu defektų.

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    DCD1510AE (exdemo)
    Kodas: CD1510
    Mato vnt.:
    1 vnt.

    SACD Player

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    Kodas: I5
    Mato vnt.:

    Paskutinė pora,light walnut spalva.

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    Kodas: C446
    Mato vnt.:
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    In typical NAD fashion, we designed the C 446 Digital Media Tuner as a very uncommon music player—a gateway to your digital music sources and to the world’s best radio. Beneath the classic NAD chassis of the C 446 lays a uniquely powerful digital media player with Internet radio, FM/AM and DAB/DAB+ (where available). Included in its uncommon bag of tricks is the ability to stream your music collection from multiple networked storage devices using DLNA and Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) standards. Other great features include USB playback, Wi-Fi, gapless playback, an easy-to-use Internet radio portal and support for cloud music services.

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    PSB Image S5
    Kodas: S5
    Mato vnt.:

    Paskutinė pora.

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    Kodas: I7
    Mato vnt.:

    Exdemo-paskutinė pora,juodos spalvos

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    ASCENT 70
    Kodas: AS70
    Mato vnt.:

    Paskutinė pora-exdemo.Juodos spalvos

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